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Getting Listed in the Character Directory

You are welcome to create works for multiple characters. Once you have created three works for a single character, leave a comment below so a mod can add your character to the Players Directory. Your comment should include a link to your character page if you have made one. Character pages are optional (see below). If you do not have a character page, the directory will allow people to navigate to your character entries in this community via your character’s tag. You can add a character page at any time. 

Character Pages

You are welcome to create character page for each of your character and you may create this page as a new post in the community.

You are responsible for organizing your character page however you wish. We only ask that you use put this header at the top of your page outside of a cut, and that you place all other information inside the cut.

Character Page Header:

Player Character Name: [The name of your player character]
Creator: [That’s you!]
Universe: [Optional — the name of the universe this character lives in. This is handy when you have a warden, a hawke, and an inquisitor who are all in the same universe]

Directory of Players in Thedas

Player CharacterCharacter TagUniverseCreator


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