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Players of Thedas

Wardens and Hawkes and Inquisitors, oh my!

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Name:Players of Thedas
Website:Announcement Blog on Tumblr
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Community description:Dragon Age fanwork prompt community

Welcome to Players of Thedas

Players of Thedas is a weekly prompt community dedicated to Wardens, Hawkes, and Inquisitors from the Dragon Age series. You can introduce yourself to the community or you can jump right in and pick a prompt.

How this Community Works

Each Tuesday a community mod will announce a new round by introducing a new prompt. During that week you are welcome to use that prompt to inspire a fanwork for any of your Wardens, Hawkes, or Inquisitors. Post your fanwork to this community, squee over other people’s fanworks, develop your player characters, and have fun!

This community welcomes a broad interpretation of the Warden, Hawke, and the Inquisitor, including canonical and non-canonical characters, relationships, and worlds.

The purpose of this community is to foster ideas for character development. Interesting characters are known to make terrible choices. Hell-on-wheels Wardens are just as welcome as saintly Wardens. Same goes for Jerk Hawkes and Assquisitors. We ask everyone to be nice and to be supportive of creative exploration. Abusive comments, backhanded compliments, and trolling will be removed by the mods.


A mod will begin a new round every week with a new prompt. Once a prompt is in play, you are free to use it during its featured week and during subsequent amnesty rounds. You may use a prompt more than once for the same character and for different characters. You are not required to make use of every prompt.

To suggest a prompt, visit the Prompts Suggestion Page.

Accepted Fanworks

The community accepts all kinds of fanworks about your Wardens, Hawkes, and Inquisitors. Anything that helps you brainstorm, role play, or develop your character is accepted. This includes fan fiction, art, vids, gifs, comics, poetry, essays, meta, flowcharts, dialogue analysis, crafts, etc. All genres are welcome. Fanworks can be gen, slash, het, femslash, threesomes, or moresomes.

There are no length requirements. Fanworks do not have to be completed. You may post drafts, sketches, works in progress, or segments from larger works. We only ask that your work is somehow inspired by or related to the prompt in play when you post. You are encouraged to interpret prompts in wildly creative ways.

You may combine this challenge with challenges on other communities as long as it complies with the other community’s rules.

Acceptable Player Characters and Universes

Any interpretation of the Warden, Hawke, or Inquisitor is welcome, whether it is supported by the games or not.

Player characters may be in canonical or non-canonical relationships with any character from the series.

Player characters are not required to act according to the canonical script of the games. We also welcome Broscas who were never recruited by Duncan, Suranas who never left the tower, and Hawkes who were recruited by Cassandra to become the leader of the Inquisition. Creative reinterpretations of other characters in the role of the Warden, Hawke, or Inquisitor are also welcome.

Your player character’s universe does not need to follow a playable sequence of events and may include events from fan-created mods or from your imagination.

Posting Guidelines

All posts should include the below header outside a cut with the contents of the fanwork behind a cut. If the fanwork contains spoilers, include the word SPOILERS in the subject. If the content is not safe for work, include NSFW in the subject. If you would like constructive criticism, include a note indicating the type of feedback you are looking for. Tag your post with the prompt, creator, and character tags if they exist.


[Subject line]
Title [Player Character] NSFW, SPOILERS (if applicable)

Player Character:
Rating/Warnings: Ratings are only necessary for Explicit (NSFW) content. Warnings may include noncon, dubcon, underage, violence, character death, etc.
Spoilers: If applicable, up to 6 months after release.

[Place the post content behind a cut.]

Tagging Info

Tag your post with the prompt, creator name, and player character name. Mods will add creator and player character tags after your first post. If you'd like to crosspost to [ profile] playersofthedas, include the tag "crossposted to tumblr"

Character Pages

Creators may create character pages for their content. Please use the character page template and place the post content under a cut. These posts may be organized however you like.


Player Character Name:
Universe (optional):

Contacting a Mod

If you have questions, suggestions, a tag request, or anything else you'd like to talk about, please leave a comment on this post. A mod will get back to you as soon as possible.

All comments on this post are screened. This means you will need a Dreamwidth account to comment and your comment will only be visible to you and the mods.

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