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Title:   [Maker, Let Mine Be The Last]
Prompt:   [#2 - The Fifth Blight]
Player Character:  [Elissa Cousland]
Characters/Pairings:  [Female Cousland/Leliana]
Length:   [~9700 words]

With Corypheus defeated and Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast ascending the Sunburst Throne as Divine Victoria, Leliana, Spymaster of the Inquisition and Advisor to the Inquisitor herself, finds that tying up loose ends is a dull and monotonous task. Dull...until an intruder is caught leaving her personal chambers.
This is a story of love and sacrifice, faith and forgiveness, trust and hope.
It is the first of several stories that will follow Leliana and her Warden, Elissa Cousland, and I hope it brings you as much joy to read as it did for me to write.

(1) Much love and thanks to [personal profile] lizcommotion  for her support and wonderful copy editing (you, dear reader, have been spared a giant wall of text and random capitalizations thanks to her!).
(2) Constructive criticism is welcome, but please temper it by noting something you actually liked/enjoyed. If you simply want to point out typos and the like, then rest assured that I'll be finding them for years to come ;) (i.e., please don't deprive me of my hobby).
(3) While I tried to stick to canon as much as I could, there are a few bits that I decided to ignore. Mostly, I did so because I felt that I could tell a more solid story that way. For instance, I ignored the existence of Fiona (if that means something to you, then consider yourself warned - if that means nothing to you, then you're not missing anything).

Fic posted to AO3 here (I often make minor edits my fics, so having one place to update is good for my sanity).



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