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Title: Hunger

Prompt: Drunk

Player Character: Eufemia Lavellan

Universe: Kianna's canon verse

Characters: Solas, Inquisitor Surana (mentioned), Cole (implied)

Summary: Solas gets drunk and the Herald steps on some broken glass.

Content notes: Dead Dove: Do Not Read. Power imbalance. Problematic use of hahren/da'len. Solas sees Lavellan as a kid. OOC!Solas. Grumpy drunk. Still a work in progress.

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Prompt: Drunk
Player Character: Sara Hawke
Universe: Everything’s on fire
Characters: Sara Hawke, Fenris
Author's Note: Double drabble considering the (mis)perceptions of characters' drinking habits.
Summary: Fenris and Hawke have a conversation over and about wine.

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 Welcome to Players of Thedas Round 17, which will run through December 21th!

This week’s prompt “drunk" is inspired by the suggested prompt "drunk on power". You may use the drunk prompt to inspire any sort of fanwork about your player characters in Thedas. 

All kinds of fan works are welcome, including fiction, art, comics, videos, poems, essays, gif sets, etc. You may submit sketches, drafts, works in progress, or sections from larger works. The prompt can be used multiple times during the prompt round and subsequent amnesty rounds. 

Please refrain from leaving unsolicited criticism on other people’s works. If you are looking for constructive feedback on your work, include a note soliciting the kind of feedback you would like.

For more info, please review the community rules.

Please review the posting instructions for info on how to format your post.



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