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Title: For Cowards
Prompt: Fear
Player Character: Melisande Trevelyan
Universe: As Holy Does
Characters/Pairings: NA
Rating/Warnings: NA
Spoilers: NA
Summary: Brief one-shot featuring Melisande during my headcanoned attack on Ostwick. Bit of an exploratory fic as I still work out some details for that event and how it shaped her. Takes place approximately 12 years before DAI.

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Welcome to Players of Thedas Round 8, which will run until October 19th!

This week’s prompt is “Greatest Fear” You can use the fear prompt to inspire any sort of creative work about one of your player characters in Thedas.  

All kinds of fan works are welcome, including fiction, art, comics, videos, a poem, an essay, gif sets, etc. You may post fanworks inspired by any of the prompts in play. Any prompt can be used more than once during a round or in subsequent rounds. 

Have fun, enjoy each other’s fanworks, and squee about player characters! This is your community for celebrating Wardens, Hawkes, and Inquisitors, for generating headcanon, and for having a good time.

Such that fun can be had by all, please refrain from leaving unsolicited criticism on other people’s works. If you are looking for constructive feedback on anything you post, please add a question at the end of your post that solicits the kind of feedback you are interested in.

For more info, please review the community rules.

Please review the posting instructions for info on how to format your post.



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