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The guidelines have been updated based on feedback from the community.

Prompt Streamlining

More specific prompt suggestions will be generalized going forward. For example, the suggestion, "Blood or coin, the Carta always gets its cut," is being streamlined to "underworld" for Round 11 to make the prompt more inclusive to all types of player characters. Creative interpretations of prompts are encouraged!

Prompt Deadlines and Amnesty Rounds

Each round now has a one week deadline. Fanworks for each new prompt must be submitted during that round. Every fourth round will be an amnesty round. During an amnesty round you may post fanworks for any previous prompt. 

Tumblr Crossposting

You can now automatically crosspost your fanworks to [ profile] playersofthedas! Simply include the tag, "crossposted to tumblr." Your post header and summary information will be posted with links back to Dreamwidth for viewing and comments. This process may take up to 15 minutes. 

All Types of Fanworks Welcome, Regardless of Completion

This is a reminder that all types of fanworks are allowed, finished or otherwise. If you use the prompt for a segment of a larger work, feel free to post the relevant excerpt here. Works in progress, sketches, and drafts are welcome. If you are interested in constructive feedback be sure to indicate that in your summary. Feel free to post works of any length, including short fic like drabbles (100 words), double drabbles (200 words), or flash  (less than 1000 words).

Mod Note

Oct. 28th, 2015 07:36 am
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Hello everyone! First, apologies for the late prompt, that may occasionally happen during the upcoming holiday season but I will try to be as prompt (ahem) as possible.

Second, we've reached our 10th prompt and I'd like to request feedback on ways to improve the community and encourage participation. Any suggestions are welcome, no matter how much they depart from our current setup. At this stage I am open to all ideas, including closing the community if there is not current interest in a prompt community for developing player characters.

I think the community may benefit from a more narrowed focus. "Any fanwork" is a broad category designed to encourage participation from many different types of creators, but personally I've found having to work within more narrow confines (such as limited word count) spurs creativity. 

There will be no comment screening on this post so members can communicate with each other, but if you have a private comment for the mod you may use the Contact a Mod post, which is screened.



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