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Have ideas for future prompts? Leave a comment here!

A good prompt take one of two forms:

— One.  The prompt is applicable to all wardens, hawkes, and inquisitors. Examples include: “Best friends” and “The thing I most regret.”

— Two.  The prompt has three versions that thematically similar but tailored for the warden, hawke, and the inquisitor. Examples include: “Morrigan, Merrill, Vivienne” (three female recruitable characters, all mages) and “Camp, the Amell Estate, Skyhold” (three home bases).

Mods will randomly select prompts from our community-created list. Once a prompt is in play, it can be used as many times as you wish during the week it is featured and subsequent amnesty rounds.

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Once a prompt is in play, you are free to use it during its featured week or any week thereafter. You may use a prompt more than once for the same character and you may reuse prompts for different characters. You are not required to make use of every prompt.

This page lists all prompts currently in play. Click on the prompt name to read the original announcement. Click on the tag link to see how other people have used the prompt. 

If this is your first time posting to the community, please read the community rules on our profile page. Feel free to contact a mod if you have any questions.

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