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Post your works to this community using the following guidelines.

1. The subject line format is: Title [Player Character] NSFW, SPOILERS (if applicable) 

2. Use the following header at the top of your post, outside a cut:

Title:   [Title of your work]
Prompt:   [The prompt that inspired your work]
Player Character:  [The name of your Warden, Hawke, or Inquisitor]
Universe:  [Optional - your name for the universe that this character lives in. This is useful for a Warden, a Hawke, and an Inquisitor who are all in the same universe, or to distinguish between many different Garrett Hawkes]
Characters/Pairings:  [Other characters or relationships included in your work.]
Rating/Warnings:  [Ratings are only required for Explicit / NSFW content and must be included in the header. Warn for text or imagery that might reasonably be considered disturbing to most readers. Do not warn for slash or femslash.]
Spoilers:   [Warn for spoilers if your fanwork references a game, DLC, book, or official comic that has been out for less than 6 months]
Summary:  [A brief summary of your work]

3.  Place the contents of your fanwork behind a cut.

4.  If your fanwork contains spoilers, include the word SPOILERS in the subject of your post.

5.  If your fanwork is NSFW, include the word NSFW in the subject of your post.

6.  Tag your post with the prompt tag listed in the announcement post for that prompt.  If you already have a creator tag and a character tag, please use them too. The mods will create tags for you after your first post.

7. If you would like constructive criticism, include a note indicating the type of feedback you are looking for.

8. If you would like to crosspost to [ profile] playersofthedas, include the tag "crossposted to tumblr."



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