Dec. 28th, 2015

fereldanwench: (Melisande Trevelyan)
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Title: Ostwick
Prompt: Nostalgia
Player Character: Melisande Trevelyan
Universe: As Holy Does
Characters/Pairings: NA
Ratings/Warnings: NA
Spoilers: NA
Summary: A SFW graphic set/mood board with a focus on fonder memories of Ostwick. Also on Tumblr.

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theharlotofferelden: Kalas (Eufemia 2.0)
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Title: Hunger

Prompt: Drunk

Player Character: Eufemia Lavellan

Universe: Kianna's canon verse

Characters: Solas, Inquisitor Surana (mentioned), Cole (implied)

Summary: Solas gets drunk and the Herald steps on some broken glass.

Content notes: Dead Dove: Do Not Read. Power imbalance. Problematic use of hahren/da'len. Solas sees Lavellan as a kid. OOC!Solas. Grumpy drunk. Still a work in progress.

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